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Brisbane Photographer | January Photo-A-Day Week 2

Day 8: Playdough. I had no choice but for this to be my photo for the day. We needed to take a photo so we could show daddy our playdough shapes. Poor little duck nearly lost his head coming out of the cutter lol

Day 9: FINISHED. The boys got a massive amount of Lego from everyone for Christmas, so we’ve been slowly working our way through it, and gluing it all together so that we don’t lose it all. It was a massive job, and i don’t care if i don’t see another bit of loge for quite some time!

Day 10: CURLS. I love the way Madi’s hair falls into ringlets. Everyone keeps bugging me to get her hair cut, but THIS is the reason i won’t!

Day 11: Brisbane is in crisis mode today, with news that there is going to be major flooding. It seems like it has done nothing but rain here for months, and the kids are slowly going stir crazy. They decided to watch a movie yesterday afternoon, and i was certainly up for some quiet time. I think he’s pretty comfy, don’t you?

Day 12: No one is really sure what this mysterious blue and yellow stuff is that has all of a sudden made an appearance in the sky. After the devastating floods that have hit over the last week, and are continuing to cause havoc in Qld, I’m sure this is a very welcome change………

Day 13: I LOVE the street we live in. Nearly every afternoon kids from all down the street are out riding their bikes and scooters and having fun. It’s awesome :)

Day 14: He’s home!!!! and this is the only shot i could salvage of all three of the kids sitting with him!

Brisbane Photographer | January Photo-a-Day Week 1

A large group of fellow photographers participate in a thing called “January Photo-a-Day” where they take a photo a day to document their lives for the month of January. This started because we realised we were missing out on photographing our own children due to other commitments. We are now a week in, and i must say that i am enjoying myself. The photos aren’t posed, they are just my family being us. Nice and relaxed.

Here’s my first week:

Day 1. All Madi wanted for Christmas was pink hair. All it took was an afternoon with jade convincing mummy and we ended up with pink streaks. Happy girl and it washed out nicely lol

Day 2: Doesn’t look that great to the eye but OMG this dinner was delicious! What made it even better was that I didn’t have to cook it! Darren is awesome.

Day 3: Our last day of having Daddy home before he heads back to Adelaide. She doesn’t handle it very well when he is gone, so she is having extra long cuddles tonight :(

Day 4: The kids and I have spent the entire day in this room. The kids play room. We sorted and culled sooooo many toys and now the room is nice and organised. The kids can find all their toys, the broken ones are gone and mummy is happy. Wonder how long it will last!

Day 5: Spent the afternoon jumping on the trampoline with Madi. I love watching the way her hair bounces around, and the cheeky little grins she gives out. Notice the big bags under the eyes in the first pic? We spent most of the night awake crying because daddy wasn’t home :(

Day 6: He thinks he’s helping. He goes from the printer, to the desk, to the top of the filing cabinets, to the desk and back to the printer over and over again. NOT HELPING CHARLIE!!!

Day 7: Madi doesn’t often have kids her own age to play with, so when friends of ours came with their little girl, i had to get a shot of them drawing together

Brisbane & Gympie Photographer | The year that was 2010

Brisbane & Gympie Family Photographer | MY Family

We aren’t really ones for having our photographs taken, but I think this was relatively painless. (I SAID RELATIVELY!!!) My Mum and dad haven’t had an updated family portrait for their wall since our oldest was a about 1, so 7.5 years ago. Since then there have been 5 extra grandchildren, 2 son-in-laws and a daughter-in-law added to the equation. Think it was about time for an update don’t you? So here we all are!

All 18 of us

“Nell and Grumbles” and the Grandkids

Dad and Mum

Dad and Mum and their 4 kids

Nathan Kate Amy and Hayley

Darren Lauren Lachlan Luke and Madison (US!)

Joshua Jess Serenity-J Izak and Scarlet

Brianna and Lachlan

And the Grandkids

Brisbane Child Photographer | Master Linkin

At the beginning of last year, I had the honour of photographing baby Linkin in NICU because he was born 10 weeks premature. You can see his pictures HERE. Just before christmas his Beautiful Mummy and Daddy decided to get some updated photos of their little man, and allowed me to be the one to do that. They even drove for 4 hours to come and get them done! Now that’s commitment! Linkin is now a happy healthy 9 month old (6.5 months corrected age) and is the most happiest child i have ever seen. His smile melts my heart, and his giggle is so contagious you can’t help but giggle along with him.

Thanks for bringing Linkin all the way to see me C & J. Enjoy his pictures!

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