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Brisbane Twin Photographer | “M” Twins cake smash!

From tiny tiny little princess’ at their newborn shoot, to big chunky gorgeous one year olds, these little princess’ sure know how to melt hearts! Their beautiful little smiles, to little belly giggles, sure would make anyone clucky! I can’t believe just how much they have grown in 12 short months! Aliyah is still the one that is most comfortable in front of the camera, cheesing it up something shocking, with Brianna a little more cautious and still frowning at me! Brianna is in the dark pink trimmed skirt or purple dress, and Aliyah is in Light pink!

Thanks again for coming guys!

Gold Coast Workshop – Gympie & Brisbane Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a 4 day photography workshop down at the Gold Coast. The location and host was amazing, the company was fantastic and the models were nothing short of amazing. I went home every night, with a head full of information and lots of new things to think about.

Here are a few (actually a lot) of images from the 4 days….


Brisbane Photographer | January Photo-A-Day Week 4

Day 22: Spaghetti kiss anyone?

Day 23: Izzy waiting ever so patiently for Whit to take her to the park to play with all the other dogs.

Day 24: It’s that time again. First day back at school. Year 2 and 4. Can’t believe they are that big already!

Day 25: 8:25am and she is still asleep. We were about to walk out the door to school, and she wasn’t waking up for anything. I LOVE sleeping photos of her, because i swear to god this kid doesn’t really sleep ever, day OR night

Day 26: Had a rough day, so was thrilled to be finally in bed watching the new episode of my husband. This guy is seriously HOT

Day 27: Lachlan playing Wii Baseball. Gotta love the Wii!

Day 28: Lachlan helping Pooks read his library book.

Day 29: Showing Daddy how much she has learnt swimming. (and yes, Darren really was that sunburnt – crazy man)

Day 30: Caramel fudge. MMMMM yummmmm. You jealous mum?

Day 31: The last day :( Lachlan finally got his plate for his teeth today, to push one of his teeth out. He was a little worried about getting it I think, and is nervous about having to wear it to school tomorrow, but he seems to be settling in with it quite well. He was also very pleased that it was orange, and not pink like some people were trying to tell him LOL

Brisbane Photographer | January Photo-A-Day Week 3

Day 15: The big boys were out mowing the lawn, so Madi was helping too

Day 16: He’s packed and ready to go again :( (mind you he didn’t actually end up going, but led me to believe that he was. He had taken an extra day off so that he could go to the kids first swimming lesson with them)

Day 17: For those that know Pooks, know he is terrified of putting his head underwater. His first swimming lesson was today, and by the end he was putting his head under and kicking to the other end of the pool. SO SO PROUD!

Day 18: Wasn’t feeling very well still. Madi had a day sleep and was still awake and taking photos of me WAY past her bedtime

Day 19: Putting in to practice what she is learning in swimming lessons. She is doing so well.

Day 20: I met with a friend for lunch today, that I haven’t seen in around 7 years. Was great to catch up, and finally meet her 2 little girls. By little I mean they were bigger then my 3.5 year old. Look at this little cutie. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth right? Well apparently she likes to “bugger” her big sister (bug) and she was “noying” Madi ROFL

Day 21: 11.45 at night and i realise that i haven’t taken a picture yet. Kids all in bed sleeping, the only thing exciting happening at my house was “Bubbles” swimming to the top of the tank and then being propelled through the water by the filter. I swear this fish does it all day long.

Brisbane Photographer | January Photo-A-Day Week 2

Day 8: Playdough. I had no choice but for this to be my photo for the day. We needed to take a photo so we could show daddy our playdough shapes. Poor little duck nearly lost his head coming out of the cutter lol

Day 9: FINISHED. The boys got a massive amount of Lego from everyone for Christmas, so we’ve been slowly working our way through it, and gluing it all together so that we don’t lose it all. It was a massive job, and i don’t care if i don’t see another bit of loge for quite some time!

Day 10: CURLS. I love the way Madi’s hair falls into ringlets. Everyone keeps bugging me to get her hair cut, but THIS is the reason i won’t!

Day 11: Brisbane is in crisis mode today, with news that there is going to be major flooding. It seems like it has done nothing but rain here for months, and the kids are slowly going stir crazy. They decided to watch a movie yesterday afternoon, and i was certainly up for some quiet time. I think he’s pretty comfy, don’t you?

Day 12: No one is really sure what this mysterious blue and yellow stuff is that has all of a sudden made an appearance in the sky. After the devastating floods that have hit over the last week, and are continuing to cause havoc in Qld, I’m sure this is a very welcome change………

Day 13: I LOVE the street we live in. Nearly every afternoon kids from all down the street are out riding their bikes and scooters and having fun. It’s awesome :)

Day 14: He’s home!!!! and this is the only shot i could salvage of all three of the kids sitting with him!

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